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Welcome to "How to write an Exegesis Paper."  This website has been designed to take you through the steps of understanding what Exegesis is and how to write a scholarly Exegesis paper.  

The site pages above are sequential and are intended to take you on a successful journey of writing an Exegesis paper.  I wish you all the very best for your paper and would like to take this opportunity to affirm your interest in Biblical and Second Temple Period scholarship.  

What Is Exegesis? 

Find out what Exegesis is and why do we do it?  Learn more 

Preparation Research 

Learn how to select your text and undertake research.  Learn more 

Useful Resources

Find comprehensive lists of reference resources for your paper.  Learn more 

Analysis Resources

Find comprehensive lists of scholarly resources for analysis.  Learn more  

Word Study

Discover how to do a Word Study.  Learn more 

More resources to help both educators and students in theology/religion disciplines can be found at 

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